Amy & Ben


Village Hall Wedding in the Midlands

Understanding what’s important to our clients when we’re photographing and filming their weddings is, as a company, so important to us. Everybody has different priorities and values – what they want from the documentation of their wedding is such a personal thing, and can vary dramatically.

Bridal Prep

When I first met Amy and Ben it became clear that the most important part for them was going to be the images of their family and friends. These guys are super sociable, incredibly sweet and love their nearest and dearest unconditionally!

A little bit about the wedding – Amy and Ben knew that they wanted something that was going to be super personal and heavily centred around their guests having an incredible time. They hired a village hall in Amy’s home town in the Midlands, just outside Birmingham, and completely transformed it by putting a marquee in the field and hand making everything that was inside it!


This couple tho’

As with all weddings though, timings never quite run to plan so we didn’t get chance to do many couple portraits before Amy and Ben went in for dinner with their guests. Their speeches also ran over meaning it was nearly dark before we got outside again. As soon as the best man finished his speech I grabbed everyone quickly and we witnessed the most beautiful sunset in the wheat field opposite. These photographs are some of my favourite from weddings we’ve shot in the Midlands so we’re crazy excited to share them with you.


Couple & Groups

If you’re considering getting married in the Midlands – whether it’s in Birmingham, Coventry, Leicestershire or beyond, you should get in touch with us today. Our team of photographers, videographers and wedding coordinators are on hand to ensure that your wedding day goes off without a hitch!





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